Who am I?


I am a lover. I am a fighter.FullSizeRender
I am a daughter and a son. 

I’m here but my heart lies elsewhere. I’m a ghost. I’m the air between your fingers. I’m the breeze against your neck. I’m around when I’m not. I see with my eyes shut. I listen to silence. You’ll find my heart when my mind is blinded. You’ll find my mind when my heart is ill; inked with sin, and lost between the bones of my ribcage. I’m driven by my emotions and guided by my flaky mind. I’m yet to learn about the nature of who I am. Meanwhile, I’ll hold on to what I know, and that is: I’ll be loved until I’m not.


Love, Alyazya


97 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Just speaking for me, it “feels” like the many questions I ask when sitting in the company of my own quietness; sometimes restless stirrings, sometimes an uneasiness of a truth I’m not ready to confront… really fantastic work Alyazya


  2. This is strange. These words resonate as if a part of me had been read. But then I see vivid images of someone else and their mysterious life. Very captivating, glad I found you or actually vice versa


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