Eyes like honey

Time in and time out, we’ve all been wondering

Who’s in and who’s out, we just don’t know



Your words are simply extravagating

You looked at me as you were speaking

and I took the blow


‘Cause your eyes look like honey, I came close

and when there was no one between us, I had to know

If your lips are wild like whiskey neat

or sweet enough to raise up the heat

Would I like to be stained by this?

Do I want to lay between your sheets?

I have to know.


Now, you stand here in front of me

with only our breaths separating us

You ask me to give away my time

so I can blink when you blink

and you can step on the stones that I miss

but you’re already under my skin


Then you came in for a little kiss

But said, why don’t dance instead

and I’m still dying to know



Love,  Alyazya

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