Little me

Sometimes, I wish for a family
Sometimes, I just want a home
but this is what life has for me
I think I’m gonna be all alone

Sometimes, I wonder why you created me
Other times your words make me feel whole
I’d fall asleep begging you to stay with me
In the morning, I ask you to keep me strong

At best, life is a catastrophe
but isn’t it where I belong?
And things are always crazy, so
do I ever get to move on?

It hurts when she’s next to me
and it hurts when she’s gone
Tell me, God, for how long will this go on?

I just want a family.
I just want a home.
God, living with her demons, turned me into stone.



Love,  Alyazya

33 thoughts on “Family

  1. Perhaps it is time to let go of your own fears of being the loving being that you are. What comes from other people will always come as long as they hold it inside, and as you value their presence. What you feel inside is your self may come from interaction with other, but eventually it is yours. No one but you can face what lays inside you unless you have faced it first.

    Let your self evolve in security of your own kind being ❤

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  2. Without onions the meaning I can tell that this is a deep and emotional expression of a long-standing desire for something missing. Does it matter that I don’t understand? Probably not, so long as I am able to connect and to feel with you and to be by your side giving whatever comfort o can by my presence. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I found your post on Family really thought provoking and inspiring and yet in a way very sad.
    I can relate to the way you feel because I have felt the same for most of my life but now I think that the focus of my life is changing and I am becoming more confident and accepting and I actually enjoy spending time with myself and what I have found is that sometimes things have a way of finding us. 🤗🙏

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  4. Hello dear,
    You have been nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award 🏆
    Your writing skills are great and loveable.Your blogs, especially your poems are beautiful and has always been an inspiration to everyone.
    I know for sure you definitely deserve more than this💛🎗️
    May God Bless You Abundantly 😇

    Here’s the link for the nomination :

    Awaiting to see wonderful answers from your side.

    Thank you!

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