One person witnessed me at my very worse, rock-bottom, surviving the earthquakes caused by the unstable ground I walk on. You’re one person I wasn’t afraid of being judged by, but I noticed the very human things about you that made me jealous of who you are. My heart wakes me up. It’s screaming through … More Fallen

The burdens of her

I’ve been stumbling upon many articles about the first female this-and-that lately. For the past 2 years or so, we’ve had first female pilots, CEOs, and ministers. It brings me a feeling of contentment that fails to last because my eyes refuse to be blinded by what is being done for publicity. Nothing changed in … More The burdens of her

State of Water

Sitting by the water, conversing with silence, listening to the waves ambush the damp sand clinging to my feet. It stings me just a little to taste something so vile yet so tranquilizing. A heinous monster caring about caring. Standing aloof from the world, yet everyone loves you sits by you listens to you. Drowning … More State of Water